Quantum Labs vs Inspirit AI: An In-Depth Comparison

I'm Aaron, a high school student who attended both Quantum Labs AND Inspirit AI's artificial intelligence programs. In this article, I provide an unbiased review comparing both programs, of which I have participated extensively in.


Aaron Zhou

10/13/20234 min read


This article is my unbiased review of my experience with both Inspirit AI and Quantum Labs. I am not paid, not sponsored, nor do I earn a commission. This is purely me writing about this article to help inform future students.

My involvement with Inspirit AI

I've been involved in Inspirit AI's program for a very long time, starting with their summer programs before moving into two internships for the company. I started with Inspirit AI's AI Scholars program before trying out Quantum Labs and its AI Accelerator program.

Throughout this process, I've accumulated a spectrum of experiences that built my perspectives on both programs as a high school student engrossed in the learning of AI and its applications.

Although the length of Inspirit AI's program covered more weeks, it was not as in-depth as Quantum Lab's AI Accelerator. Lessons were very short, once a week, and only surface level.

I often found it difficult to engage during class, as all we did was sit on a zoom call without much interaction at all. It felt like every other classroom, and most of the time, things got boring.

I also participated in Inspirit AI's internship program, one where I was an ambassador and reached out to students, and a second where I wrote blog articles to improve SEO rankings for their website.

Overall, my experience with Inspirit AI's program was mixed (and very costly), so it would be tough to recommend it to others. I don't feel like it was very rewarding despite all that I learned, and other students I've talked to said the same thing.

My involvement with Quantum Labs

Quantum Labs, on the other hand, was a breath of fresh air. Instead of a zoom call, we got to be on a discord call with our team, where we actually got to build genuine friendships by participating in activities with a group that I still talk to today. We even formed our own server together where we talked and called outside of class.

The curriculum was centered around a software suite that held information-packed videos, resources, and questions, and challenge problems. It also included our own team formation and team chat, as well as an extensive leaderboard system.

Overall, I found myself much more motivated to learn, surrounded by a true community of friends in an environment that was gamified through its activities and leaderboard competitions. The contests were fun and allowed me to learn extensively in a way that was far more effective than Inspirit AI.

And that was the key point: while Inpsirit AI felt like a boring school class, the fresh approach to gamify learning worked, and Quantum Labs was able to make learning significantly more exciting.

The main downside was that the program was very new, and the software and content had issues at the start, oftentimes breaking down. However, the instructors were very receptive to feedback and rapidly addressed issues, fixing problems as soon as possible, and were open to suggestions.

Overall, I can confidently recommend Quantum Labs, and the friends I made during my experience also miss it as much as I do.

Comparing the two

The main difference is that Inspirit is a lot older, with more traditional virtual learning systems. Quantum Labs is a lot more up-to-date and modern, and you can truly feel it, with the downside that it is less refined and still changing (for the better).

An example of this is the integration of curriculum surrounding GPT large language model applications and the development of modern AI apps, something Inspirit AI doesn't cover. At the end of Quantum Labs, I even received two months of free ChatGPT premium and got to interact with cutting-edge AI technology.

Comparing: The Learning Experience

Inspirit doesn’t really have a competitive component in the learning process so it’s less motivating. On the other hand, the team environment and contests featured in the AI Accelerator actually makes the process fun and enjoyable, which could not be said the same otherwise.

It's important to reiterate that Inspirit feels a lot more boring because there’s no friendly community aspect to it; it just feels like school. Quantum Labs really focuses on building connections, where I can actually talk to instructors like a friend, and where my teammates are people I can know personally.

You don’t really make connections with people in Inspirit. You are put on a team but honestly I don’t remember a single person on my Inspirit team. Technically, I could reach out to people in my Inspirit team if I wanted to do a project but I basically know nothing about them or who they are or anything, so it’s basically like reaching out to a stranger.

Overall, it’s a lot more expensive for a lot less learning.

So which one should you choose?

At the end of the day, the decision is up to you, and I hope this article helps inform it. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions about the experience.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Quantum Labs due to its interactive culture and modern learning methods, but it may not be for everyone. I would recommend Inspirit AI to those preferring a more traditional classroom setting, although I can't say that I personally would do it again.

Once again, I had no incentive to write this article and genuinely wrote this to help other students make the correct decision as to which program to choose.