My experience with Quantum Lab's AI Accelerator

In this article, I write about my experience with the Quantum Labs AI Accelerator program and write about the truth on my experience in it as a high school student.


Vihaan Mehta

10/5/20234 min read

Disclaimer — I was not paid to do this, I don’t earn any commission, and I am writing this because I wanted to share my experience and help this company grow.

Joining the program

Just a few months, school had just ended and I was looking for some camps that would maybe spark my interest in a few areas such as technology, math, or anything science-related. There I was, on google searching, when suddenly I see this ad for Quantum Labs.

Now, at the time, I didn’t know what it was, but I could see that the website was very well designed with lots of information such as what the camp was about, who ran it, and the cost. The cost was very affordable, cheaper than most, but not only that, the time allocated to the course was also very long. No camps give their students 7 weeks to learn the topic. I signed up and joined the discord, started to interact with the community, and made many friends along the way.

The Project

With the camp coming to a close, there were some key projects that were being planned. The final project that had been decided upon was creating a project in 2 weeks using everything you had learned so far.

My partner and I decided to give ourselves a challenge, by going into game design or unity. I had never used unity before, and my partner had little to no experience so we would have to learn quick as our time frame was very limited.

The first two days were just us learning the system, understanding how to do everything. After that, we quickly started where we would split up the work and start understanding neural networks in game design and desigining our images. With two days left, and 4 hours or more of working on our project everyday, we finally finished.

We still had some bugs, but we had a presentable project. When the judges came to grade our project, they loved it, even giving us the award of the most complex and visually appealing project. Now, although overall, we got second place in project, only because our project was not very applicable to the real world, we still have so much fun, and learned so many great things in unity.(

Reflections and Friendships

If I had taken this program earlier in my life by around a year or so, I feel like I would have been much ahead in my journey with computer science and ai. I feel as though I picked up this new found interest very late in my life. Because this was my freshmen year in high school, although I had some previous experience in ai, I feel as if this camp came earlier such as some students in our camp did, I would have more time to improve my skills, maybe find some internships related to this field.

Although I started later than I would have hoped, this program invited me with open arms, teaching me everything I needed to know, and it gave me an opportunity to create some amazing things.

When I first enrolled, I did not know how many friends I would make for a lifetime. I would enroll alone, knowing nobody when others in the camp already had a few friends that joined with them. It all would start when I would first join one of the many teams that was offered and is one of the many great things about the structure of this camp as well.

My first ever friend in this camp would be a fellow student named Tarek. In the beginning of the camp, he was on a different team as me, but after talking to him, he joined my team, starting a relationship for a lifetime. Fun fact, I still talk to Tarek today.

Another great friend I made was two kids who actually live very close to me, with their names being Venkat and Eyobed. Now, these two were friends because of their relationships with each other in school, but when I first joined and typed in the Discord, they were the first two to respond and welcome me in.

Together, we joined the same team and would tackle the problems together every day. My final friend that I would say is very significant is Eliana. When we first started the camp, Eliana was actually on another team, so we were not friends until a week in the competition when she transferred over to my team. She was a very shy, quiet, but smart person and just needed a comfortable space to talk in. I offered her that space, and started to talk with her more and more often. Eventually, it became where we would help each other out with almost all problems and even after the camp timings were over, we would just hang out together.

Because of our growing bond, Eliana and I decided to create a final project together in which we used Neural Networks to code a game in Unity. Even today, we still talk to each other, continue to make mini code projects, and improve our old projects as well.

Results and Final Rating

Unlike many camps, this camp was structured to provide success for the students that took it. With over 20 mentors present, and guaranteed 5 mentors on at all times from 8 am use to 10 pm use, this camp was constantly active and provided feedback almost instantly. Whether an instructor was not home and responded via phone, or called using the discord platform, help was always accessible by the students, a key factor which led us all to success in the end when creating our final projects. a

After taking this course, I would give this course a 10/10 recommendation.

This course has offered me such great inspiration to continue learning Python and Ai, I even enrolled myself into our schools Robotic Team on the coding part of things. Keep in mind, my school is one of the best Robotic Teams in the State.

In addition to this great inspiration, I have learned so much knowledge from this camp where I think if I did not take this course, I would not have known as much as I know today. All this information had led me to create a project with my partner, a new friend I made and another great key aspect of this summer camp.